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So, I don’t really write much about how it is I am able to travel the way I do.. I usually only write about the travel, but I did a post on the #MileMadness tournament that I participated back in March, so I thought it appropriate to follow that post up with my thoughts on the #CharlotteDO which was essentially a meet-up to cap out the tournament.

But it was much, much more.

Lets start with the definition of a “DO”
Capture 1

It only took going down to the 40th definition!

The schedule was for a 1 day event, but we decided to arrive Friday night because, well, it’s really the networking experiences, and we knew others would be arriving the night before too.
There were a number of factors that differentiated this event from previous Do’s  I’ve gone to.
  • It was smaller, ~100 people
  • It was much more focused on MS.
  • It felt more like a community.

There were probably more factors but, those are the big ones.

If I were to describe the event in University terms, I’d say that much of the discussion was more theory, think 301 and higher.
One of the big messages that was shared was how we have to be responsible about this hobby (and for some it is more than that). The point was made that who participate in the hobby, need to be stewards of it.

Overall, this was the best mile and point event I’ve attended. I was honored to have the opportunity to present at it. There is talk of another in the works, and I sincerely hope I’ll have the opportunity to attend and maybe even present there as well.

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  1. It was a smashing success. It was the first such event I’ve been to, so I have nothing to compare it to, but I can’t imagine better. One factor you left out, as to the success of the event, you and the other presenters were really terrific. Thanks for being a part of it. It was great meeting you and all the attendees and presenters. Can’t wait for the next.

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