Manufactured Spending Tournament – Introduction

Matt @ Savercity, along with Frequent Miler are putting on a Manufactured Spending Tournament.  This is a follow-up to Frequent Miler’s Million Mile Madness (summarized and linked extensively here) last year.

Matt outlines the tournament in the above link so I won’t rehash things.

Let me be clear: I write QuickCityVisits to share my travel, I want to get to the point where I’m sharing other insights relevant to travel, the travel industry and airlines, but I’m not there yet. I manufacture spend as a hobby, and it helps support my travel hobby.

So, I thought I’d throw my hat in the ring here, primarily because I thought I could learn something, and maybe help others who enjoy the challenges of this hobby. I’m going to lean toward providing vague details here on QuickCityVisits, with a preference for caution over full disclosure, but I’ll tweak that as I better understand what the judges expect, and try to keep it in line with the competition.

I really liked The Free-quent Flyer’s approach to his introduction, and I think mimic is the ultimate compliment, so I’ll offer my thoughts in similar fashion here.

My Advantages:

–        I’m taking an approach to work novel approaches to MS, I’ll be competing against myself just as much as the other competitors, as I try to figure out newer, more efficient ways of generating spend.

–        I’ve been doing this for a while, I have some of the necessary instruments already in place, such as reselling, which has been a bigger focus of mine already this year. This gives me a chance to kick it up another notch.

–        I’ve used less than $100 of my available $1500 of 5x on my Freedom; its small, but leveraging all the 5x that I can is going to be key here.

–        I’m a relative no-body in the community, maybe a dark horse?

My Disadvantages:

–        I’ve already purchased Vanilla Reloads for my March Bluebird and H&RBlock Emerald cards, so I’m already starting a bit behind there.

–        I’ve got some travel already planned to locations where it’s virtually impossible to manufacture spend, so I’ll be behind with respect to utilize all the time. In addition, I have a full time job, further restricting time. – Neither of these are unique to myself, but they are still disadvantages.

I think I’ve laid out the what, the why, but I’ll be vague about the how.

I’ll finish this off with a bid of good luck to all the competitors, many of which are bloggers that have become part of my daily reading.

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