Seychelles Saga: Hilton Northolme – The Room

Seychelles Saga

A word about our rental car first. We got to the Avis counter and low and behold, the Avis guy wasn’t there. Stuck without really an alternative, we went with an enterprising guy next door who said he had called the Avis guy, and would offer the same price. He quoted the same price that we had on our reservation, so we accepted. He did of course try to add a 100 Euro “insurance” adder, to which I firmly declined (I had called Chase to confirm that my United MileagePlus credit card would provide primary insurance, which they said it would). He tried to add a few other charges, all of which I declined, and almost pulled the plug on the car. Ultimately, we were given a neon green two door that our suitcases barely fit in.
The drive up to the hotel was only about an hour with a few wrong turns. I’ll get to more about driving around the island in the next post.
Once we made it to the hotel though, things started looking especially up.
We parked in a lot close to the main entrance and walked a bit to a remote check-in area. From there we were driven down to the front desk in a golf cart (I don’t recall why), where we went through the formalities.

Front Desk.

From there, we were driven to our room, what was really a free standing villa. We were in villa 112.

Entrance to our villa.

Instead of the normal “Do not disturb” sign, it had an sign on the front that you could change based on how you were feeling.


The room villa had 3 rooms, and an anteroom, as well as a rather sizeable deck.
Looking around the room, we had a wonderful “Welcome” sign on the bed.

4 poster bed.

We could simply could not contain ourselves to look around the rest of the room immediately, and had to check out the deck, which was sizable and had one of the most beautiful views we have ever had.

SAM2 person lounge chair on the deck.SUNG CSC
2 person lounge chair on the deck.
Outdoor table and chairs – great for evening pizza.
Gorgeous view right from our room.

Stepping back to the room, we had a sitting area.

Sitting Area.

In the sitting area was a nespresso machine.


There was a separate and sizeable bathroom, with a soaking tub, standing open shower, with a separate room for the toilet.

 Tub and Shower.
Tub and Shower.

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